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Kaos Connect is a digital media strategy agency that creates unique, interactive content experiences to Ignite marketing, maximize distribution channels and ENERGIZE social media for brands, businesses and distributors



Bringing the thrill of Live to more people in more places with high levels of interactivity, engagement and connectivity.


Revolutionizing the way companies do conferences, meetings, seminars, events, marketing and internal engagements.


Designing and implement targeted distribution pathways to reach specific audiences and extend brand messaging.

MARKETING development + analytics

Creating unique, value-driven messages and campaign development to reach key business targets.


Kaos Connect is a force for good business

Please check out some of our success stories below.


The Opera  

To increase awareness and brand affinity in the United States, the Opera needed a disruptive solution to break through and connect to a new audience. 

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This pretigious British television network had developed a strong, niche following in the United States for television programs such as Doctor Who and Sherlock. They wanted to find a way to capitalize on that success, monetize their content, and increase viewership to their entire line-up  


Thirty One

Founded in 2003, a major US retailer with a focus on empowering and supporting women initially experienced rapid growth among female entrepreneurs. A fresh take was needed on how to connect business owners, giving them a chance to share best practices, advice for success, and engage with new owners in a fragmented market. The out of pocket costs for annual conferences was too great to be supported by their business model, leaving the opportunity to find a new way to bring the group together. 



A major US classic movie network channel was looking to drive awareness, expand age demographics and increase viewership for their channel line-up while also maximizing exposure and assets from their annual film festival held in Los Angeles.


Defining Hope

Defining Hope is a documentary that explores the experiences of healthcare professionals and their patients. They needed a cost efficient and effective way to gather nursing groups, associations, and related healthcare professionals in key, targeted markets across the country to experience and then discuss the documentary.



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