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Case Study


The challenge

A CLASSIC FILM COMPANY was struggling to stay relevant, particularly with younger audiences. They needed to drive awareness, get younger viewers into the tent and increase viewership for their channel line-up while also leveraging content from their annual film festival.



  • Created a win-win promotional and marketing event strategy between Hollywood’s major studios, the Classic Film Company and movie theaters nationwide to bring iconic, blockbuster titles such back to the big screen for a limited movie theater run to coincide with their upcoming DVD and/or Blu-ray releases.  

  • Drove the Classic Film Company's talent and brand awareness via their talent who served as “hosts” for the movie theatre events on the big screen.  Hosts gave audiences unique perspectives on the classic films, historical significance, never-before seen elements and interviews from the annual film festival as a part of each event. 

  • A First-of-Its Kind” cross promotional relationship was created between movie theatres and a network that opened the door for the Classic Film Company to be promoted in front of current Hollywood blockbuster films in exchange for theatre event cross promotion from them. 

  • Studio DVD and Blu-Ray availability was promoted as a part of the classic film event in theatres 



  • The Classic Film Company's  event cinema series is still going strong in theatres nationwide 

  • Their audience demographic has broadened by way of visibility in theatres 

  • Demand for classic film events continues to grow

  • The Event Cinema Series is now widely recognized by the new "win-win" brand that was created by way of the strategic partnership

  • Attendance continues to be very strong and significant incremental revenue has been generated for the theatres, the Classic Film Company and the associated studios 

  • Associated studio DVD and Blu-Ray sales rose significantly after the theatre events occurred