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Case Study


The Challenge

OPERA was quickly losing audience and brand awareness IN THE UNITED STATES starting in the early 2000’s. A disruptive solution was needed to reinvigorate the brand and generate new audiences for the future.



  • Created a LIVE, event cinema series in movie theatres nationwide to bring Opera performances to local audiences while cross promoting the Opera event cinema series in front of Hollywood blockbuster film titles 

  • “Eventized” each broadcast into theatres with special access to back stage happenings, interviews from performers, building of the sets, creation of the costumes, history of the Opera itself 

  • Partnered with Radio to host the LIVE theatre events while also cross promoting in exchange for onscreen recognition in the broadcasts. 

  • Engaged local, performing arts centers to support the Opera series and offer as value add benefits to their local members 



  • Most successful event cinema series to date entering its 13th season in theatres 

  • Attendance remains strong and significant incremental revenue generated for Opera 

  • Participating theatre scale has grown to over 1000 screens per event in the United States 

  • Opera in theatres has expanded to 50+ countries internationally

  • Opera brand now widely recognized by audiences of all ages worldwide