Case Study


The Challenge

THE BBC had developed a very strong, niche following in the United States for television programs such as "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock".  However, BBC America wanted to increase viewership across their entire program line-up while creating a unique way to further monetize their content and expand their brand awareness.  



  • Created a first for the BBC: a “One Night Only” theatre event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who entitled Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor in November of 2013 

  • Only 650 theatres and 2 showings were allowed by BBC London 

  • Promoted both the BBC and Doctor Who in theatres in front of major Hollywood releases and ignited social media to a rabid, niche fan base  

  • Teased other BBC programs during the Doctor Who event 



  • Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor broke box office records for a “one night” event in theatres with a reported gross of  over $4.7 million dollars from 320,000+ attendees* 

  • Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor remains the single, largest one night event in event cinema history, coming in at #3 for the entire week’s box office to The Hunger    Games, Catching Fire and Gravity (starring Sandra Bullock)* 

  • Average revenue per screen was number one in the US with an average of $7,155*

  • Hunger Games, on much wider release in 4,163 cinemas, made $2,623 per screen on average* 

  • Worldwide Box office revenues exceeded $10 million dollars*

  • U.S. and Worldwide demand for BBC America programs has increased dramatically across broader demographics 

  • The BBC continues to use this model as a key part of their marketing and annual revenue strategy