A Disruptive Force Is Born


KAOS Connect is the brainchild of seasoned media executives Shelly Maxwell and Dan Diamond who created and built out the consumer entertainment and business-to-business divisions at National CineMedia (NCM) under the brand Fathom Events.  As proven leaders, Dan and Shelly’s strategic vision were critical success factors in the creation of an entirely new entertainment category leading to the transformation of movie theaters into “local community event centers.” Shelly and Dan turned Fathom Events into a powerhouse revenue generator achieving exponential growth to the tune of $50,000,000 annually — leading Screen Digest to name them  the World’s Leader in Alternative Cinema Content” in 2011.





Fast forward a few years, to Dan and Shelly's Aha moment. It came on a Wednesday afternoon when they were called to the principal's office so to speak— there in the office was their CEO and Francis Ford Coppola, yes that Francis Ford Coppola. Turns out Mr. Coppola was a huge fan of what Dan and Shelly we're trying to create at Fathom, and wanted to let them know. "The godfather's" unofficial endorsement validated what Dan and Shelly already knew. So, being the fearless entrepreneurs and passionate dreamers they are, Dan and Shelly decided to forge their own path in the space they helped create. Today, Kaos Connect combines interactive live events, analytics and customized social media platforms to create powerful and effective marketing and branding initiatives.