Live Streaming + Online / Mobile

unfiltered and “engaged” relationships with customers

We bring the thrill of Live to more people in more places with unprecedented levels of interactivity and connectivity. Live music, comedy, ballet, opera, corporate meetings, and training symposiums can be elevated and amplified to create robust experiences for audiences and marketers alike. Audiences get the chills, marketers and promoters get new revenue streams and rock solid, backend analytics that measure everything from participation levels to sales of event related merchandise.


Content Creation + Production 


Brands today are starving for more breakthrough ways to connect with their constituents. Every brand wants the Red Bull orbital parachute jump, but how do you pull something like that off without an island nation’s GDP? One way, is to leverage our proprietary platform that can transform a brand’s ordinary content like video into an interactive event connecting them to millions of fans worldwide. Live streaming, live Q&A, polling in real time, and even monetizing events through product and swag offerings are just some of the engagement tools we bring to the party.


Program Acquisition + Distribution


Navigating the world of content acquisition and marketing requires great negotiation skills, experience dealing with studios, publishers, talent representatives, networks and no small amount of chutzpah.


Marketing Development + Analytics

beyond likes, emojis, and cat videos

We love creating engaging content and distributing it, but it’s only half the battle. Customizing and leveraging marketing and social media channels to more closely align with business goals is something we get really excited about. Today, while everyone is “on” social media, not every brand or business truly maximizes the potential of those channels. Kaos Connect can, pardon the pun, connect the dots and really drive ROI thanks to robust back-end analytics.