Thirty One

Case Study


The Challenge

Founded in 2003, 31 Gifts, an organization dedicated to helping women start and run their own successful businesses, experienced rapid growth. Sharing successes and best practices among members is key for growth, but became a huge challenge as the membership swelled. 31 Gifts needed a way to convene all these entrepreneurs, and attract new ones without the logistical and financial burden of organizing an annual conference. A more efficient, game changing solution was needed.



  • Created  31 Gifts annual business event celebrations in movie theatres nationwide, making the company, “the big screen star” 

  • Business owners and new prospects were invited to see 31 Gifts’ CEO and top sales staff on the share success stories on the big screen and then continue the conversations locally in movie theatre auditoriums following the presentation with on-site 31 Gifts representatives 

  • Theatres were selected within 20 miles of 31 Gifts business owners zip codes for maximum efficiency, convenience and affordability 

  • Business owners invited friends and prospects to sign up for the opportunity to see, hear and sample 31 Gifts business model and product offerings 

  • New business owners could be signed up on the spot in one of over 800 local movie theatres 

  • All data around attendees could be collected and put into a 31 Gifts database for future use 



  • Within 24 months from the initial event, 31 Gifts expanded their annual business event celebrations to 2x per year 

  • New business owner growth soared and product sales dramatically increased 

  • Business owner engagement levels and new product training grew rapidly through our production and event consultation 

  • The need to require business owners to travel long distances and incur significant out of pocket costs to travel to an annual conference fell dramatically  

  • Company margins and expansion grew through the efficiencies created